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May. 15th, 2011

as good as gold 
a traded soul
but i wouldn't change a single thing
my only friend
lets dance again
but please don't
break my porcelain heart
please don't
break my porcelain heart

Apr. 20th, 2011

Sony Bloggie MHS-CM5

Mar. 17th, 2011

the promise
i think we're alone now
long hot summer
can't speak french
the loving kind

the loving kind
the promise
i'll stand by you
sexy no no no
long hot summer
wake me up

can't speak french
something kinda ooh
the promise
whole lotta history
the loving kind

sexy no no no
the promise
whole lotta history
call the shots

the loving kind
can't speak french
call the shots
the promise
long hot summer
Just came back from the Like.

I saw Laena at the bar. Told her I have been a fan of the Like's since practically when they started. Asked them to play their cover of "Let's Spend the Night Together". She was surprised I knew that they covered the song. "How do you know we play that?!" "YouTube!!!" She said if I got the audience riled up after their set and we all asked for an encore she said they would. "We usually save that for an encore. If we don't get to play it, I will feel so bad!" So I promised her I would make everyone chant. I offered to buy her drink, she said "Thanks but I get my drinks for free. Really, I appreciate it a lot!"

Before I talked to her personally I saw her and Annie in the girls restroom. Separate occasions. Wasn't about to approach them in there.

The next time I went up to the bar to give the bartender back his matches (I forgot my lighter) right when I got up their Laena spilled her beer. I knew where the napkins were so I started laying them down on the spill. Z said, "Thanks, you're sweet." They helped try to clean up the spill while trying to flag down the bartender to get a rag. We couldn't flag him down. Z got down on the ground and started mopping up the spill. She did this weird stance while she mopped it up. Laena said "I didn't know I was in a bad with Spiderman. Spiderwoman! I didnt' know I was in a band with Spiderwoman." I laughed. But Z did look funny. While she was wiping it she said, "I'm a French maid."

I didn't see Tennessee much before the band went on. I think she was in the back. But Z, Laena, and Annie were all out among the people. In between the first two bands Z and Laena were out on the floor dancing to the DJ's music. They were the only ones dancing. It was cute to watch. Z and Laena danced during the second band's show as well.

During the Like's show Z asked for a shot of Whiskey. Me, being drunk, forgot that she already got her drinks for free, bought her one. After the song ended, she had 4 shots of whiskey at her feet. 1 from me, 2 from other audience members and 1 from the bar (the free one). She drank all of them but 1, I think.

During sound check (they didn't do one before the club opened, they did it right before the played their set. Laena said "and this is the Like's soundcheck.") Z sang a really neat song...I don't know if it was one of her's or a cover...but it was great.

She said we were one of their best audiences ever, like top 5. She also said we were the best dressed ever. Which was funny because I saw her eye this one girl in the crowd during the second band's set. I think she really liked the way the girl was dressed. (And I wasn't staring at Z the whole time during the second band's set....I really wasn't. The venue was really small and she was standing pretty much right next to me.) Also, during the second band's set, the singer asked for a drink and Z gave him her's.

After the Like's set I went and bought a shirt. Tennessee and Annie were manning the booth. Annie was really nice. Great big smile. Tennessee was cute, bopping along to the music that was playing.

I didn't really talk to any of them, besides Laena. I was too drunk to even think about it. I would have embarrassed myself a lot, I'm sure.

Their set was awesome. They were amazing and the crowd were really into them. It was cool watching the crowd inch forward more and more as the set went on.

Setlist: (Not in this order!)

Catch Me If You Can
Square One
The End
Wishing He Was Dead
Release Me
He's Not a Boy
Walk of Shame
Why When Love Is Gone
Fair Game
Narcissus In A Red Dress
Let's Spend the Night Together

Can't remember if they played I Can See It In Your Eyes. They did not play Don't Make A Sound.

Too drunk to remember more....

Oh! Overheard Laena saying that the Like are going to be paid $20,000 for the Teen Vogue party. And that her dad was the drummer from Devo but she isn't supposed to talk about it because the Like already has the stigma of being a band blessed with nepotism.

Oh! And when I was talking to her at the bar she told me Reni Lane was annoying!

May. 11th, 2010

1. Irma Thomas “Breakaway”
2. Arctic Monkeys “Sketchead”
3. Little Eva “The Locomotion”
4. Isley Brothers “Why When Love is Gone”
5. The Ainimals “Don’t Bring me Down”
6. The Meters “Cissy Strut”
7. The Murmaids “Popsicles and Icicles”
8. ESG “Erase You”
9. Raincoats “Fairytale in the Supermarket”
10. Blur “Parklife”

Writer's Block: Citizen of the universe

If you could choose to be born again as a citizen of any country in the world, which country would you choose, and why?

England. Because I like it there.

Mar. 20th, 2010

I bought place mats for our kitchen table. The pleasure I get from seeing them is pathetic but they really tie the room together.
I need a new book. I need to get to a bookstore tomorrow.

So, tomorrow is is St. Patty's Day. I don't think I am going to end up doing anything. I thought perhaps Nicholas and I were going to go out...but he doesn't seem so keen anymore. He has a lot on his plate, what with finals being next week. I think I'll just stop by the store on the way home from work and pick us up some Irish beer. Oh! I am totally going to Zupan's and getting Smithwicks. My favorite beer ever. Hopefully it is on sale.

I read an article about "hipsters" using food stamps and buying organic food and food from the higher end grocers. I think that if they qualify for food stamps they should be allowed to use them however they want. And why is buying food that is healthy so wrong? Who said poor people had to eat poorly. That is the purpose of foodstamps...to allow people without the means to have access to good food. And why is it that if someone's parents are wealthy college graduates can't be poor? My parents are millionaires but I have less than $500 in my account. Luckily my parents are generous. But others aren't and some people wouldn't consider asking their parents for handouts. I also heard the WIC program cut down on the amount of milk and formula and fruit they allow with each monthly check. Babies need milk and formula! They say their issue is they don't want children to become obese on milk calories and fat. But the fruit they are allowed is sugary and has a lot of empty calories! So fucking stupid...I just made myself really angry.

Monday is going to be the beginning of this year's season of Monday Funday. Josh and I have our shifts covered, we all decided there will be no plan (because they never work) and we are meeting around noon. I just hope I'm not too hungover for my Tuesday shift. Oh no, I already know I will be. I am surprised I was invited since the day will start at Kyle's house. He actually wasn't the one that invited me but he didn't say I couldn't come when we spoke today. Woot! Also, Amanda was nicer to me today than she has been since last April when she started being a toot face. She actually initiated a conversation.

I heard a girl who was friends with some of my friends passed away. She had a brain tumor a few years back and had surgery. She was healthy. Then about a month ago she started feeling sickly again. She went to the doctor and there was no tumor where it had been before. But they looked on her spine and she had numerous tumors. She was supposed to get married in April. She didn't tell any of her friends. She called them all up on Sunday to say that her and her fiance were going to move their wedding up to today (Tuesday). Everyone asked why, so she told them. She died last night. I feel for her family and friends. It is a terrible loss. I was actually a fan of her bands; although I didn't particularly like their sound she had an amazing voice. It's a great shock.
I've realized my synesthesia is a bit of a nuisance. I've been spelling words wrong because I like the combination of colors better than what the real spelling is.

Jenna has turned from a blue to a light purple. And from a 4 to an 8. I don't understand why. Maybe because we are becoming better friends?



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